Articles, interviews, FAQs and other background on Stephen Malinowski and the Music Animation Machine

(1988-present) Here's a list of some of the more interesting collaborations I've been involved in.

(1993-----) When I was still living in Berkeley, Jennifer Kahn interviewed me for an article for the East Bay Express.

(1995-----) Oboist Ted Rust interviewed me for an article he published in his music newsletter Music for the Love of It.

(1996-----) This FAQ about the Music Animation Machine is quite out-of-date.

(2000-----) One question from the MAM FAQ, about my personal history, became its own page.

(2005jan09) When I was about to start work at Audience in 2001, I realized that a lot of my projects were going to be put on hold for a while, so I wrote this "Loose Ends" document to remind myself of what I was in the middle of, so that I could refer to it later; when the frantic rush of working for a Silicon Valley startup calmed down a little (in 2005), I updated it.

(2006-----) This list of articles referring to the MAM is out-of-date.

(2007-----) This personal chronology is very sketchy; it's mostly for my own reference.

(2011-----) The best overview of the MAM project is probably this history page on my website. Parts of this can also be seen in the 1996 documentary I made.

(2011aug30) For the issue of Dazed and Confused about Björk's project Biophilia, Tim Burrows interviewed me; what he kept from the interview ended up in this online article; I posted what was left over here.

(2011oct17-dec16) A log of my experiments in depicting dynamics and bowing.

(2012jan27) Carly Shields, a journalist with NYC's BreakThru Radio, asked me some questions about the relationship between my work an synesthesia.

(2012feb14) I did a phone interview with Kevin Holmes for the Creators Project. Because it's pretty much a verbatim transcription of what I said, it's a little hard to follow.

(2012feb14) The Italian music educator Alessandra Anceschi interviewed me (English) for an article published in the journal Musica Domani (Italian) where she is an editor.

(2012feb16) Musician and animator Philip Crosby asked me some questions about my work.

(2012mar24-apr25) A log of my experiments with Chromadepth 3D.

(2012apr04) Here are some U.S. patents I've had a hand in.

(2013jul31) Nancy M. Williams wrote an article about me for Aesop.

(2013aug01) Erik Voermans wrote an article about my collaboration with Etienne Abeline for Het Parool.

(2013aug01) Nick Romeo wrote an article about me for The Daily Beast.