Music Animation Machine — watch

The main place to watch my videos is on my main YouTube channel, smalin.

If I make an alternate version of a video, I put it on my alternate/remake channel, musanim.

There is also a channel for Chromadepth/3D versions of my videos, musanim3D.
You can read more about Chromadepth/3D here.

Why should I watch these?

Here are some comments from viewers saying what they get out of my videos.

Recommended videos

I've made hundreds of videos; here are some of my favorites (and most popular ones):
   Grainger, Children's March
   Mozart, Sonata for Two Pianos, K 448, first movement
   Bach, "Little" Fugue in G minor, Organ
   Debussy, First Arabesque
   Rimsky-Korsakov, Flight of the Bumblebee
   Debussy, Prelude to 'The Afternoon of a Faun'
   Beethoven, Symphony 7, Allegretto, mvt. 2
   Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring
   Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D minor
   Sousa, Semper Fidelis
   Debussy, Syrinx
   Ligeti, 6 Bagatelles, III. Allegro grazioso
   Bach, Brandenburg Concerto 4, 3rd mvt.

You might also find it interesting to explore some of the various visualization techniques I use, and how I use them.